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Westpoint Water Purifier (WF-714)

SKU: WF-714
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Product Highlights

 Material – ABS Plastic
 Tap Water – Cleanable Cartridge
 Hi-Tech Ceramic Cartridge Water Purifier
 Removes Rust, Residual Chlorine, Blood Worms From Water

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– 2 Years Official Brand Warranty Ceramic Filter
– Silver/Activated Carbon
– Zeolite
– Silica Sand
– Mineral Sand
– Ion Exchange Resin
– Mineral Stone
– Magnetic Water Faucet – Material – ABS Plastic
– Tap Water – Cleanable Cartridge
– Hi-Tech Ceramic Cartridge Water Purifier
– Removes Rust, Residual Chlorine, Blood Worms From Water
– Counter-Top compact design that fits anywhere
– Water Systems transforms ordinary tap water to Clean, Delicious, Alkaline Mineral water
– Purifier and Re-Mineralize tap water or in emergency purify any fresh water source
– No Electricity or Plumbing and operates purely on gravity
– Unbreakable Food Grade Material


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